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December is a month full of blessed events! Once a year, costumed exhibition is available to viewers across the globe in the form of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! It’s the one event where everyone can tune in, kitsch out, and have fun with fashion!

This year featured a whole set of  pieces resembling portions of an English garden, real flowers and all! And my favourite piece, a beautiful heavy cape with a clashing fringe, hailed from a fine nu-rave homage line of colourful knitted curiosities!

It’s not all capes and roses though! Earlier shows have boasted such costume ca-ca as firemen, cheerleaders, & the lame “sexy” girl scout! What uniform hasn’t’ been featured in this lingerie parade?!

Oh, but the opportunity to outfit an entire runway show, with just as much camp as you please? What I wouldn’t give for a swell offer like that…

Hey, wait …  I did have a swell offer like that!

In September, I was given the chance to show a few styles at SMB XII – The 12th Annual Summer Masquerade Ball! There were a total of five girls who couldn’t participate in the body-art show (featured by AkaBodyart) due to limited space, and I got to deface them myself!!


More pics HERE!!

It was so much fun concocting these audacious outfits! I think I pulled them off pretty well, considering the time constraint: I was given just four days to complete them! It helps to have lobster bikinis & meat toys lying around … 🙂

And while on the subject of televised costumed folk, I think I may have found the next Weetzie Bat on ..  Survivor!

From making dresses out of everything in reach, to showing up at the reunion show coiffed as Marylin Monroe,  Sugar Kiper seems to have flitted right off a Francesca Lia Block book cover! AND, did I mention she makes her living as a pin-up model? It just goes to show how living through (& in) costume is better living indeed!


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Remember last year, when they had that big series of archways that they were all walking out of, and it looked like a big sexy version of the muppet show?

Because I do.

Comment by Biro

I love you, Biro! 🙂

Comment by empressmess

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