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plush_bearIt is assumed that at 24 years of age, one would abandon such childish Nonsense as stuffed toys around the house. This may be a fair assumption for most, but my stubborn inner only-child won’t give up that easy! She’s masterfully concocted a system that keeps my “grown-up” life stuffed with fluff ~ Functional Plushie Decor (FPD) can be found in almost every room of my abominably adorable apartment!

I don’t boink stuffed animals. I’ve simply managed to replace a few otherwise dreary household items with cuddlier, fluffier versions (often with a big happy grin sewn on) to ensure a friendly home environment! Here are just a few of my FPD items that keep the maturity levels at my house comfortably low:

Lion Towel


This towel never growls when he’s thrown in the dryer.



Within the sphere of my loofah menagerie! R.I.P. Donnie Dachshund..

Bunny Feetz


These Merry Janes are shoes, not slippers!

Bronto Feetz


Now, these are slippers!!

Mousey Bookmark


You are jealous of his magnet paws & fly curly whiskers, no?

Plush Plant


If the Little Shop Of Horrors sold stuffed plants, all that man-eating business would have never gone down~

Don’t hate .. I am 100% comfortable with my fur-filled feng-shui, & I’m not the only one! Here’s some examples functioning pseudo-plushies we’ve all come to know and love:

Celebrated Pseudo-Plushies throughout the Ages


  • Calvin ~ This rascal’s affection for stuffed tiger Hobbs borders on deranged, but hey, at least he’s open about it! Calvin totes his inanimate companion to any occasion, despite ridicule, & does he let callous judgments from his peers get him down? Nope! This dreamer demands respect toward his fuzzy life-partner, making him an appropriate poster-child for proud plushies everywhere!


  • Christopher Robin ~ Like Calvin & Hobbs, this boy/bear relationship depicts the lighter side of Only Child Syndrome. This kid’s cure for loneliness is just a 100 acre wood away.. what worries me about Chris is his absence in some of the Pooh tales, implying that the poor boy isn’t interacting with his plush pals as much as living through them. Freudian much?
  • tanky11Tank Girl ~ Before there was Booga (or Naomi Watts), there was Camp Koala taking the coveted shotgun seat to ol’ Tanky’s outlandish outbackery! Our vixen of violence even went so far as to mourn the explosion-induced death of her fuzzy faux companion.. one of the only bouts of remorse Baldy has ever suffered in her entire life of crime. Easily the grandest example of a character’s preference for plush over people… even mutant kangaroo-people.

Reverting back to childhood may have it’s drawbacks, but I’ve yet to find them 😛 .. what steps have you taken to ensure whimsy in your grown-up life?


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I embrace my inner child without shame! Recently I’ve made a baby tooth to adorn my room & will add on with other cute medical related plushies! I also love to dress up & enjoy my happy unbirthdays. 🙂

Comment by Danabelle

Dana, you make tooth toys? I want one!! 🙂 How do I subscribe to your blog?
Maybe the Sprinkled Stanza could start stocking these!

Comment by empressmess

Those bunny shoes are infinitely excellent.

Well, lets see, apart from my continued collecting and reading of comic books, & watching cartoons, I also have an inflatable kiddy pool shaped like a whale, that I fill with Chuck E. Cheese ball pit balls. If there’s one thing I’m serious about, it’s fun

Comment by A. Biro

Beer-o, I can’t have you at my Chuck-e-cheese birthday bash if you’re going to rob the ball pit.. I get enough steely looks from the staff as it is 🙂

Comment by empressmess

I’ll make you one! The blog questions a good one, I’ll find out.

Oh My Goddess! That cupcake is so unique. It looks yummy & comes with backup teeth. 🙂

Comment by Danabelle

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