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yosukeueno_forestiaYosuke Ueno’s Forestia ~ 2008

I ask a lot out of art! Hope, capacity, space, Astoundment … a glimpse into real & welcoming surreality … That’s a hefty order, especially for 2D! Here are three wonderful artists I’ve found this month, who’s collective medium of expression happens to be canvas!

The 1st two were featured in the latest edition of Hi-Fructose magazine. The 3rd is a local artist who’s installation is on display at GMU until February 7th…  I strongly recommend a visit in person!

Yosuke Ueno

yosukeueno_sleepyhouseSleepy House ~ 2007

“For me, my art is a significant tool for communication… I am not interested in violence. My art is a language and with it, I hope to create a world of peace, contrasting the violence. So I show Love, Space, and Positive Energy as my themes.”

yosukeueno_sistersScissors & Butterfly ~ 2008

Camilla d’Errico


“I get that reference often, the Tank Girl look … She isn’t anything like Tank Girl. In fact, all my Helmetgirls are unique characters that are very fragile and maybe even tragic.”

camilladerrico_steampunkTraveling Nomad ~ 2007

Deborah Rose Guterbock

deborahroseguterbock_fullProphecy In Pink ~ 2008

“[My themes are] cyberpunk.. and feminism. I think everyone these days, man or woman, is a feminist. Who doesn’t want to be considered pro-woman?”

deborahroseguterbock_prophecy-in-pinkProphecy In Pink (center canvas) ~2008

Super Favourite 2D Dream-Painters of All-Time

Jim Woodring

Alex Grey

Mark Ryden

Kristen Ferrell

..& of course… Dali!



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What great artists! I’m really in love with Yosuke Uenos work. I’m going to have to look into these artists more.

& who doesn’t love Dali!! 😀 Even his mustache has a fan base.

Comment by Danabelle

I am thrilled with this post! Thank you so much for the support 🙂

I just wanted to drop by and let you know that my official website is now up online:

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Comment by Deborah Rose Guterbock

i love your art work!!

Comment by Chloe

Well, these aren’t mine! I’m just sharing! 🙂
Glad you like it tho! Check the links!

Comment by empressmess

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