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Artomatic In Macro*
2009/07/27, 5:59 PM
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Art-O-Matic, ah! How fondly I remember thee .. Your narrow halls, your open doors – like classrooms, rowed, chocked-full of lessons! ..


I still recall the astro-turf laid space where bunnies, different colours, endured the nearing onslaught of the great & ridged cardboard monsters!


Who could forget the smell of crayons around them from the wax exhibit? Each Room a different universe, like Farnsworth’s Parabox!art_o_angelsetIt’s different now, though justly so! .. as many more do seek asylum ( for what is art, not for the eyeless struggle towards Capacity? )


Instead of Rooms, we all contribute to a sea of endless bounty! I gravitate by instinct toward the pieces I find most enchanting!


On smaller scale the Rooms remain, but so that I can barely count them! Here’s the ones I photographed (thank heavens for the macro setting) !


*All photography is from Artomatic 2009 ~ If you’re responsible for these installations please contact me for credits!


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