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2009/08/26, 5:54 PM
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I’ve finished my first big embroidery project! They’re made by hand, for hands!



They’re a Christmas present for my Aunt Kim… last Christmas! They took 4EV!!

The knit gloves consist of Peruvian finger-puppets sewn on, with my embroidery.


These are important, because they’re a Homage to Handmade! My Aunt Kim has made for me some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I own, all strung & assembled by hand.


Kim was diagnosed with Scleroderma, a condition that causes the blood vessels in the skin, especially in the hands, to turn hard. Her hands are always cold, and worse .. she can’t use her hands for anything, not even to string jewelry.


So I made these gloves for two reasons: One is to keep Kim’s hands warm when the blood can’t get to them.


The other is to remind myself, never to take the creative potential of my hands for granted! All the art I love, & all the art I hope to make, is at least the work of a steady hand.


Many hours condensed into one small, impressive display is the triumph of handiwork! Imagine what the world would look like if everyone put their hands in? I want to find out!



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