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Vintage Playgrounds


I love old playground equipment! In my free & ignorant childhood, I mistakenly took these fantastic structures for granted! I mean, they look like stuff!

Like dinosaurs ..


..and tugboats!


Did I mention dinosaurs?!


I never thought there would come a day when I’d have to trade these wrought & welded behemoths in for cold, slippery, safe plastic structures. I miss the feel of thick,  globbed-on paint & warm iron bars on my bare palms & knees!

I miss old McDonald’s equipment the most!


As soon as I get a yard, I’m starting a collection! Or maybe re-creating some myself .. anyone out there a decent welder? Serious inquiries accepted!


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hi, please i need a help from you, i am an artist and i am doing a research on old playgrounds, I would appreciate allot if you could contact me and send me some of this pictures in better resolution.

all the best

Comment by Dejan

Where were these taken?? I totally played on these SAME structures as a kid!!

Comment by Jennifer Lindeen Hickle

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