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Wintertime Is Hat Time !
2010/01/04, 7:02 PM
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Wintertime Is Hat Time !, originally uploaded by Messy Empress.
1) Ms Minnoes cat hat topped w/ fruit basket
2) Rat-Hat (has rat holes)
3) Ms Minnoes Nurse Cat Hat
4) Pink huntsman’s hat, worn backwards
5) teal Ms Minnoes fish-bubble cat hat
6) Rainbow hat from Cricket
7) Bunny hat w/ flashing devil horns, pic found on
8 Strawburry Shortcake pom-pom hat (has matching gloves)
9) gnome hat w/ mushrooms
10) Indonesian masterpiece
11) Peruvian child’s hat w/ gold party crown on top
12) R.I.P. Oversized Blue Hat, lost @ the Gogol show
13) Wintery puff-hat w/ hearts
14) Ms Minnoes brown cat hat (really belongs to La, really)
15) Sox Munkee Hat, rocked by Kara

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You have so many cute hats! I was just looking at these owl hats.

Comment by DanaBelle

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