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2010/09/23, 5:13 PM
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No Maya, we’re not talking about you … I’m referring to the brave Messydress soldiers lost on my trip home from Burning Man.

Soldiers, like my mauve trompin’ dress ….

..& these handmade swimming bloomers 😦

I’ll remember you fondly, koi patterned tie-dye stockings..

..& vintage robot shirt from the 80’s (ignore what all is going on here)

I think the fallen comrade I’ll miss most (yes, even more than you, floral I’m Your Present suspender skirt ).. my dear orange wig!

😦 😦 😦

As for ensembles, the March Hare was lost .. was this whole outfit here (ignore again, if you will, what this photo shows me doing)

Many, many more were lost in this stupendous tragedy, which will go down in the anus of history as the great Reno ‘Drobe Heist of 2010.

You are gone, but not forgotten.


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