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Q&A ~ Imp the Elf
2010/12/27, 9:46 PM
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Introducing a new & exciting feature to the Costume Blog ~ character Q & A! Our very first interviewee hails all the way from the North Pole! Introducing Imp the Elf, an actual worker elf from Santa’s workshop!

MD: Hello Imp!

IE: Well hello to you!

MD: How was your flight? Did you take the Reindeer sleigh?

IE: (giggles) Oh no! The reindeer only fly on Christmas eve, between the hours of 11pm-4am. Then their energy is tapped out till next year! Kindof like us elves.

MD: So you don’t think an eleven month vacation is a bit longer than necessary?

IE: Not at the rate Santa works us!

MD: What do the Christmas elves do in the off-season? You’re not the same elves that make shoes are you?

IE: Some of us, maybe (more giggling)! I try not to pry into my fellow elves personal lives!  I spend my free time painting children’s noses red while they sleep, so when their mothers come to wake them for school they’ll believe they’re too sick & won’t make them go!

MD: Doesn’t that interfere with their education?

IE: I just try to make the world a better place every day!

MD: What do elves eat at the North Pole?

IE: Snow Cream!

MD: Do you have a large toy collection of your own?

IE: Not very big. But I do have a Nutcracker boyfriend that’s just my size! (explosive giggling)

MD: Ha! Sounds like a fine life! Any advise for those interested in running away to the North Pole to pursue such a profession?

IE: Yes! While toy-making, always wear comfortable shoes!


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