Messydress Costume Blog


Photos: Echelon Photography

Model: Katlin Sumners

Hair: Ericka Cherrie

Wardrobe/MU: Empress Mess

Dress: Messydress


Tronik Fashion Show

Messydress debut!

The 1st ever Messydress design was featured in ProjecTronik’s Underground Fashion Show! Also included were two wearable sculptures I made custom for the show.

Designs by Messydress

Show arranged by Kit Psychotik

Photography by RedStockMan & Johnny B

Models Katie Petix, Cynnamon, & Charlotte

Video created by Kollin Bliss

Blue Bird

A little bird who stopped by on the way to warm country, said “My flock has all flown south, but I’m going west to be in pictures!”

“I’ve  just the gown for you!” said I, & flitted closet-ward.

Melissa of About Face Beauti, well equipped for blue jays, set to work preparing nests in Chelsea’s feather hair. Immediately, flocks of kindred came to settle there!

Finally, it was time to show the aerial world it’s newest star! Molly of MVK Photo snapped the shots for the portfolio.

Our newly embellished bird alit & sailed on western wind, a cobalt star in the gray winter sky!

Photography- MVK Photo

Blue Jay – Chelsea Alexander

Makeup/hair – About Face Beauti

Dress – Empress Mess

BRC Fashion Show

I displayed two original pieces at BRC this year! 1st – my mask from the alt NOIR spread! Here it is modeled by my campmate Astrid, who looked damn statuesque with it on!

The 2nd was a new project I’m quite fond of – the Dream Drawer! Modeled by none other than me!

Both pieces were photographed by the very bonafide  Scott London!  He even named my mask his favourite fashion installation of 2010!

Thanks, Scott! 🙂

McQueen Tribute ~ Fashion Breakdown

Here’s the fashion I chose to recreate for the Alexander McQueen tribute spread in alt NOIR! Left image is what was published, right are the inspiration looks by McQueen.

Above is the wing dress. I made the wing!

Woman in the Iron Mask look – including bauble eyelashes! I set every link in the chain mask BY HAND!

Op art avant-guarde suit with veil. The tipsy tri-corner with veiled bouquet was made by me with a nod to Philip Treacy!

The full tribute, titled Long Live McQueen, can be seen in the latest issue of alt NOIR Magazine! Order it here!

Who Got Published ?

Messydress did !!

Spring/ summer issue of alt NOIR Magazine featuring this wardrobe tribute to the late & glorious McQueen ! Styled by .. Me !

The issue contains many features I’m honored to be among, such as a photo collab from Kollin & LiiLii, + an interview with Gaga’s latex designer!

Buy it here!


Spring Evocations

I haven’t been myself as of late! Is it the effects of my newly sown herb garden? Witchcraft or no, somehow the spring sprites have found a means to possess my being!

Take this one for instance ..

Having fashioned a floral crown from stems & bird’s nests to befit her majesty, this forest pixie proceeded to spirit my vessel straight to Faerie Fest for a May Day frolic! Needless to say, the flesh was willing


Scarcely had I shed my dove-feather wings when I was whisked into the woods once again – this time at the mercy of an 18th century milk-maiden! She had much goose down to collect & tallow-wax candles to dip at Market Faire before her restless colonial soul could be set free!

Should I call an exorcist, or a tailor? Goodness knows what costume my next visitant may need!