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Cirque Berserk

A kaleidoscope of colours contrasting under a big-top tent sky.. Here, a tale of  carnival comradery unfolds!

Staring Svetlankia, a sultry Slavic bride too brazen for the shackles of goat-herd village-arranged matrimony..

..and Madam Vorzheva, a classically-trained pipe-organ grinder turned horse-vaulter.

Both abandoned the calamity that was, & maybe still is, their former selves-to-be, in exchange for the daring pursuit of Carny concession! Reborn figuratively & metaphysically, their spirit-souls join in jubilant union.. they are The Incredible Unjoined Conjoined Triplets (Sans One)!!

Photos- East Photography

Svetlankia – Katlin Sumners

Madam Vorzheva – Tessa Parks

Makeup – Suzanne Minskey

Hair –Janelle Briana Jackson

Carny Dress – Empress Mess


Arcenciel Cirque ~ Finale!

megkhryst_2fer3megkhryst1megkhryst41megkhrysthula11Models ~ Khrist & Jinx Delusion; Photography ~ JohnnyB

Wardrobery, Make-up, hoop construction ~ moi!

Featuring shoes by Irregular Choice!

Circus concept courtesy of the Whimsilords & Wondergods!

Arcenciel Cirque
2009/02/03, 7:19 PM
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Sneaky peeky of wardrobe I had photographed over the weekend! Not one, but two fab scenarios featuring colourful models Khrist & Jinx DeLusion!

I’m SO excited.. EEEEE!!*

*(happy noise)


Do watch my MM for le grande premiere!!

(Why do I keep using bad French? You’ll understand once the photos arrive! Repeat after me: Oui Oui!!)