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Photos: Echelon Photography

Model: Katlin Sumners

Hair: Ericka Cherrie

Wardrobe/MU: Empress Mess

Dress: Messydress


Katlin Sumners

To say that Katlin is my favorite go-to model is an understatement. The girl is a stylist’s dream come true, bringing professionalism, grace, & vision into every look she attempts. Katlin looks great in my clothes not just because she’s a pro at posing & form, but because she’s passionate about style as an art. She’s always on the next level, & for that, I’m her biggest fan!

Truly adaptable, I’ve seen her turn from martian to Victorian waif in a single shoot! The most inspiring attribute she brings, though, is fortitude. If she was a Planeteer she’d be righteous Ma-Ti, crushing with the power of heart! In an industry full of competition, a positive, friendly attitude like her’s is always welcome.

It’s astounding to see how much Katlin’s accomplished in her short career, on her own, through persistence, kindness, & good old-fashioned hard work! I literally can’t wait to witness what the future holds for her!

Katlin has worked diligently to get a number of our collaborations into print. The images here are published in the most recent issue of alt NOIR Magazine.

Photographer: Erica of East Photography

Model: Katlin Sumners

Hair: Hello Hair 

MUA: Freshie Juice

Necklace: Visions of Thor 

Wardrobe: Empress Mess

Giuseppina Magazine

I had the opportunity to style this feature in issue #07 of Giuseppina Magazine! This was the anniversary issue & content was focused on gay pride! My dear & talented friend Katlin Sumners submitted these photos along with an article on the subject, here is what she has to say:

“This issue of Giuseppina Magazine was a focus on the Gay Pride anniversary…. Which means that there is a 2 page spread featuring not just photos of me in it, but more importantly, a personal narrative article I wrote concerning my upbringing in a same-sex household and how life has changed since my childhood in the 1990s, and present-day for the gay community. I am beyond excited about this because it allowed me to share a brief glimpse into my personal life, and thoughts and childhood experience.

So yes, this means I am much more excited then I would be about a normal piece, because this is much more cherished because this is part of my past as well as present.”

To show your support for our work this publication can be purchased at

Photography by Rodney Mickle

Model/article by Katlin Sumners

Makeup/hair styling by Nicole LaMedica

Styling by Empress Mess featuring collar by Sintillations

Tronik Fashion Show

Messydress debut!

The 1st ever Messydress design was featured in ProjecTronik’s Underground Fashion Show! Also included were two wearable sculptures I made custom for the show.

Designs by Messydress

Show arranged by Kit Psychotik

Photography by RedStockMan & Johnny B

Models Katie Petix, Cynnamon, & Charlotte

Video created by Kollin Bliss

Cirque Berserk

A kaleidoscope of colours contrasting under a big-top tent sky.. Here, a tale of  carnival comradery unfolds!

Staring Svetlankia, a sultry Slavic bride too brazen for the shackles of goat-herd village-arranged matrimony..

..and Madam Vorzheva, a classically-trained pipe-organ grinder turned horse-vaulter.

Both abandoned the calamity that was, & maybe still is, their former selves-to-be, in exchange for the daring pursuit of Carny concession! Reborn figuratively & metaphysically, their spirit-souls join in jubilant union.. they are The Incredible Unjoined Conjoined Triplets (Sans One)!!

Photos- East Photography

Svetlankia – Katlin Sumners

Madam Vorzheva – Tessa Parks

Makeup – Suzanne Minskey

Hair –Janelle Briana Jackson

Carny Dress – Empress Mess

Rococo Loco

The Intown Uptown Inn is actually a time machine!


Just pass through the garden gate to be whisked back to a finer time.. 1770 to be exact!

You’ll see  visiting dignitaries lounging at the window..

..and upon the tapestry-embroidered sofa!

Having high tea..

.. and being courted by Lady Oscar herself!

More photos from my time travels under the cut! Continue reading

Messydress Update!
2011/03/22, 6:45 AM
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Messydress designs are on their way!!

It’s been 5 months since I begin the journey of starting my own fashion line, & I’m pleased to report all is going along without a hitch! My samples are approaching completion, & the final designs are due to arrive any day now! I’ve got LOTS of amazing photo shoots planned for them, I can’t wait to get started!

But the really BIG news is, Messydress is finally premiering THIS MONTH!! It’s true! I’ll be unveiling my 1st samples at the Tronik fashion show Thursday the 31st! I’ll have 2-3 custom pieces in the show, plus accessory contributions & a latex sculpture design that should look amazing! I’m also going to be able to vend there. Please come by & support this epic occasion!

I’m so excited to see the progression of this endeavor that is so dear to me. Just 5 months ago I committed to this line, but it feels like I’ve been conceiving it my entire life. I hope everyone enjoys viewing my designs as much as I do bringing them to life. It’s going to be a divine experience!