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Tronik Fashion Show

Messydress debut!

The 1st ever Messydress design was featured in ProjecTronik’s Underground Fashion Show! Also included were two wearable sculptures I made custom for the show.

Designs by Messydress

Show arranged by Kit Psychotik

Photography by RedStockMan & Johnny B

Models Katie Petix, Cynnamon, & Charlotte

Video created by Kollin Bliss


Merry Un-birthday To You!!
2011/01/27, 6:24 PM
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Today we commemorate the birth of the Victorian era’s favorite weirdo, Lewis Carroll! Generally, I do this in the form of a costumed Mad Tea/Un-birthday Party. However, this year’s lack of funds has encouraged me to carry on the nonsense in spirit only. I look forward to entertaining with full force this time next year!

Until then, please enjoy this garden-themed slide show of party-goers from years prior! It should tide you over until our triumphant return to Wonderland!

BRC Fashion Show

I displayed two original pieces at BRC this year! 1st – my mask from the alt NOIR spread! Here it is modeled by my campmate Astrid, who looked damn statuesque with it on!

The 2nd was a new project I’m quite fond of – the Dream Drawer! Modeled by none other than me!

Both pieces were photographed by the very bonafide  Scott London!  He even named my mask his favourite fashion installation of 2010!

Thanks, Scott! 🙂

Mackall House

Muses Akimbo, originally uploaded by Messy Empress.
This month I attended the very first full presentation of The Iguanodon Portraits, a Neo-Victorian photo series by William Atkins!
Will is a creative photographer & an important member of the Messydress team! He, Lela, & I managed the styling of  this series, which explains our fancy costume on opening night!
Will’s artist’s statement for this series is particularly bonafide!
We snagged the best venue: The Mackall House, a real preserved Victorian, circa 1850! Contemporary Photography : Past Is Present featured two other photographer’s collections. But, Will’s series got the headline .. duh!
Congrats Sir Atkins on a job well done! Oh, & you can see more of my fabulous shoes right here!

AHH Real Monsters !

AHH Real Monsters !, originally uploaded by Messy Empress.

I had a big, fuzzy time hanging with monsters at the Barns & Noble Where The Wild Things Are fundraiser!

My assignment : to be & to make others be monsters! I got to put all the volunteers in fur suits & horns, & the little monsters attending got glittery face paintings!

The event was lovingly arranged by my friend & creative kindred Shoshanna! Percentages of sales that night & through Dec 10th went to benefit Bren Mar Park Elementary!

You are jealous of my pipe-cleaner whiskers, no?  I’ll see if I can’t get a fad going!


Dumb Fresh Fashion Show


I have a dreadful confession.

As you all know who know me well, your humble Mess has an inexhaustible adoration for conceptual costume, fashion, & wearable art (for those who don’t know me well, heart weird clothes 4ev!). As a purveyor of strange wearables, what better to attend than slews & slews of fabulous runway shows on the constant, right? But can you believe I, with all my talk of Wardrobery, had never even attended a fashion show?

Sure, there was the SMB XII .. but never had I witnessed a real bonafide live fashion show! Well, as of last Saturday that shame is no more! Yours truly attended a fashion show, a real one with a runway, couture, the works! And not only was I there, I was a dresser!


I’ve dressed many people, including myself, many times. But never have I been titled a dresser before! It was exciting to see the productivity backstage and, eventually, be part of it .. See, a good deal of what a dresser does takes place just moments before the models and outfits are sent down the runway! The majority of time before consists of people asking me what my job is, and me responding with “see my drawers?” Most people got it..


The show included 9 designers; 5 sport & street-wear, 4 couture. The first portion (boasting mostly men’s-wear) featured presenters Dumb Fresh Clothing, along with One Verses Many, ScrollnArtz, Pedestrian, and a line of children’s dresses by Gennette Diggs. All these looks seemed to come together by themselves: tees plus Artistic Sole sneakers for the boys, & of course the little-ones had their mothers there to style them!

The couture portion of the show, however, included such complicated designs as one could only hope to be among at one’s first ever live fashion show! Closing designers Adare’ Cartel’s line alone bore bubbles, feathers, and folds so that to dress a body in them correctly demanded much attention! Not that I minded my focus engaged in the arrangement of lace and sequins; the finished result of opposing textures and mangled silhouettes was truly breathtaking!


Lines by B. Des and Magnami Style & CO showcased spring-coloured creations with suit-coat textures & stiff frills. And, I was happily surprised to see a familiar face among the designers! I knew Dantrese Canady of Dahnistry when she studied as a seamstress at my costume shop, years ago! She’s been following her dreams of designing ever since, & gazing upon her creations of technicolor Griechen gowns and immaculate swimwear was one of the day’s chief pleasures!

In these ways, my first runway show experience managed to exceed my expectations! Its’ amazing what a lot of work & a little artistic dedication can produce! A big thanks to Ryan from Dfc & director Pari for getting me involved. I can’t wait to be part of the bustle again!

Undies On Runways

December is a month full of blessed events! Once a year, costumed exhibition is available to viewers across the globe in the form of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! It’s the one event where everyone can tune in, kitsch out, and have fun with fashion!

This year featured a whole set of  pieces resembling portions of an English garden, real flowers and all! And my favourite piece, a beautiful heavy cape with a clashing fringe, hailed from a fine nu-rave homage line of colourful knitted curiosities!

It’s not all capes and roses though! Earlier shows have boasted such costume ca-ca as firemen, cheerleaders, & the lame “sexy” girl scout! What uniform hasn’t’ been featured in this lingerie parade?!

Oh, but the opportunity to outfit an entire runway show, with just as much camp as you please? What I wouldn’t give for a swell offer like that…

Hey, wait …  I did have a swell offer like that!

In September, I was given the chance to show a few styles at SMB XII – The 12th Annual Summer Masquerade Ball! There were a total of five girls who couldn’t participate in the body-art show (featured by AkaBodyart) due to limited space, and I got to deface them myself!!


More pics HERE!!

It was so much fun concocting these audacious outfits! I think I pulled them off pretty well, considering the time constraint: I was given just four days to complete them! It helps to have lobster bikinis & meat toys lying around … 🙂

And while on the subject of televised costumed folk, I think I may have found the next Weetzie Bat on ..  Survivor!

From making dresses out of everything in reach, to showing up at the reunion show coiffed as Marylin Monroe,  Sugar Kiper seems to have flitted right off a Francesca Lia Block book cover! AND, did I mention she makes her living as a pin-up model? It just goes to show how living through (& in) costume is better living indeed!