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Meat On Parade

Meat my living billboard!

Just weeks after I’ve posted some choice faux meat accessories for sale in my etsy shop, my clothing kindred Gaga appears at multiple events wearing – nothing but meat!

And yes.. a meat purse!!

I’m loving the free advertisement! I’ve got a meat bra & purse (faux, of course) for sale right now on Messydress Etsy!

Thanks for the promo, Gaga!


McQueen Tribute ~ Fashion Breakdown

Here’s the fashion I chose to recreate for the Alexander McQueen tribute spread in alt NOIR! Left image is what was published, right are the inspiration looks by McQueen.

Above is the wing dress. I made the wing!

Woman in the Iron Mask look – including bauble eyelashes! I set every link in the chain mask BY HAND!

Op art avant-guarde suit with veil. The tipsy tri-corner with veiled bouquet was made by me with a nod to Philip Treacy!

The full tribute, titled Long Live McQueen, can be seen in the latest issue of alt NOIR Magazine! Order it here!

Fuck Yeah, Funundrum !
2010/07/12, 8:27 PM
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Ringling was great this year, tipping big-top hats to old skool circus acts & themes! Costumes were based on traditional circus wear.

I loved the contortionist’s outfits!

And the bearded lady!

How did I get such great seats? I’m in with the clowns, of course! Here they are during their superheros set!

Finale! See the mermaid?

And here’s me in the circus!

Not really 😦

I am backstage at Madison Square Gardens though! I told you I’m in with the clowns!





Grunge For Spring
2010/04/30, 5:43 PM
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mmmm sunshine, originally uploaded by Megan is me….
You’re lying in a green clearing at the edge of the woods, spring blossoms towering around. Your arms & legs are covered with paint, & despite the warm sunshine, there’s a knit hat on your head. The afternoon sun is blinding. Welcome to my world!
Old Helium videos & a still orange-haired Wayne Coyne dance in my head with the springtime sun! I once told Mary Timony that she is grunge to me.. it was the most fan-girliest moment of my life!

You can crush the flowers but you can’t stop the spring! Dance the blooming garden dance with me!

Key West Cat Man

Some chicks chase rock stars .. I dig street performers! Watch this video I took of Dominique, the Key West Cat Man, & you’ll see why!

Stick around for some badass cat man impressions at the end 🙂

Yeah he gave me his number! WHAT? He invited me to his home in Key West to pet his cats! That’s a lot more than what most chicks who chase rock stars get!

Further proof that crazed attracts more crazed!

ME-OW ^_^

Du Yang Fashion
2009/12/07, 6:11 AM
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I have decided that all I want to wear this winter is Du Yang!

I want this sweater ..

.. and these hats ..

.. and this, whatever it is ..

.. and this giraffe suit ( although I’d have to wear a coat on top but that’s ok because I can still show it off indoors)!

Please buy me all of these for xmas, k? THX!!


Vintage Playgrounds


I love old playground equipment! In my free & ignorant childhood, I mistakenly took these fantastic structures for granted! I mean, they look like stuff!

Like dinosaurs ..


..and tugboats!


Did I mention dinosaurs?!


I never thought there would come a day when I’d have to trade these wrought & welded behemoths in for cold, slippery, safe plastic structures. I miss the feel of thick,  globbed-on paint & warm iron bars on my bare palms & knees!

I miss old McDonald’s equipment the most!


As soon as I get a yard, I’m starting a collection! Or maybe re-creating some myself .. anyone out there a decent welder? Serious inquiries accepted!