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Katlin Sumners

To say that Katlin is my favorite go-to model is an understatement. The girl is a stylist’s dream come true, bringing professionalism, grace, & vision into every look she attempts. Katlin looks great in my clothes not just because she’s a pro at posing & form, but because she’s passionate about style as an art. She’s always on the next level, & for that, I’m her biggest fan!

Truly adaptable, I’ve seen her turn from martian to Victorian waif in a single shoot! The most inspiring attribute she brings, though, is fortitude. If she was a Planeteer she’d be righteous Ma-Ti, crushing with the power of heart! In an industry full of competition, a positive, friendly attitude like her’s is always welcome.

It’s astounding to see how much Katlin’s accomplished in her short career, on her own, through persistence, kindness, & good old-fashioned hard work! I literally can’t wait to witness what the future holds for her!

Katlin has worked diligently to get a number of our collaborations into print. The images here are published in the most recent issue of alt NOIR Magazine.

Photographer: Erica of East Photography

Model: Katlin Sumners

Hair: Hello Hair 

MUA: Freshie Juice

Necklace: Visions of Thor 

Wardrobe: Empress Mess


McQueen Tribute ~ Fashion Breakdown

Here’s the fashion I chose to recreate for the Alexander McQueen tribute spread in alt NOIR! Left image is what was published, right are the inspiration looks by McQueen.

Above is the wing dress. I made the wing!

Woman in the Iron Mask look – including bauble eyelashes! I set every link in the chain mask BY HAND!

Op art avant-guarde suit with veil. The tipsy tri-corner with veiled bouquet was made by me with a nod to Philip Treacy!

The full tribute, titled Long Live McQueen, can be seen in the latest issue of alt NOIR Magazine! Order it here!

Who Got Published ?

Messydress did !!

Spring/ summer issue of alt NOIR Magazine featuring this wardrobe tribute to the late & glorious McQueen ! Styled by .. Me !

The issue contains many features I’m honored to be among, such as a photo collab from Kollin & LiiLii, + an interview with Gaga’s latex designer!

Buy it here!