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Photos: Echelon Photography

Model: Katlin Sumners

Hair: Ericka Cherrie

Wardrobe/MU: Empress Mess

Dress: Messydress


Tronik Fashion Show

Messydress debut!

The 1st ever Messydress design was featured in ProjecTronik’s Underground Fashion Show! Also included were two wearable sculptures I made custom for the show.

Designs by Messydress

Show arranged by Kit Psychotik

Photography by RedStockMan & Johnny B

Models Katie Petix, Cynnamon, & Charlotte

Video created by Kollin Bliss

Messydress Update!
2011/03/22, 6:45 AM
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Messydress designs are on their way!!

It’s been 5 months since I begin the journey of starting my own fashion line, & I’m pleased to report all is going along without a hitch! My samples are approaching completion, & the final designs are due to arrive any day now! I’ve got LOTS of amazing photo shoots planned for them, I can’t wait to get started!

But the really BIG news is, Messydress is finally premiering THIS MONTH!! It’s true! I’ll be unveiling my 1st samples at the Tronik fashion show Thursday the 31st! I’ll have 2-3 custom pieces in the show, plus accessory contributions & a latex sculpture design that should look amazing! I’m also going to be able to vend there. Please come by & support this epic occasion!

I’m so excited to see the progression of this endeavor that is so dear to me. Just 5 months ago I committed to this line, but it feels like I’ve been conceiving it my entire life. I hope everyone enjoys viewing my designs as much as I do bringing them to life. It’s going to be a divine experience!


It’s the sordid tale of a presumed future, art deco robots.. and good waifs gone bad!

Ok, so I never saw the film.. but I think Katy’s photo story came out just splendid! And, I finally got my spacesuit photographed!


Photography- Katherine Gaines

Model – Savannah Rose Lee

Makeup/hair – Josephine Love

Drobe – Empress Mess


MEAT & Greet
2011/01/24, 9:20 PM
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Models dress sexy, photogs dress “cool”. But what does a wardrobe stylist wear to a Model Mayhem meet & greet?

MEAT, of course!


Photos by Michal Corbin

Little Black Dress
2011/01/19, 9:33 PM
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Photo of Katlin Sumners by East Photography

The LBD is the key when there’s a need for simple, classic, & refined. My version happens to be none of those things.. That doesn’t mean its’ not my go-to ‘drobe piece! I’ve put this dress on model after model, in true LBD style it fits any occasion!

Strapless. Boned. Geometric. Black & charcoal stripes. Below is an archive of all the lovely ladies who’ve donned my most-loved fashion staple:

J Mayhem

Photo by Sandy Jones

Nori Zay

Photo by Sean Baker

Stephanie Grant

Photo by Kollin Bliss

Amara Von Nacht!

Photo Dayjavue Photography

And to prove that this really is my personal LBD, check out our debut Youtube appearance! In a Tim Burton inspired scene for the Hoff Theater training video, I play a love-struck employee who eventually gets covered in popcorn (my idea)!

My scene starts around minute 4..

Haha! I actually supplied all the outfits for this video, including the bear head – another one of my every-day wardrobe staples!


Blue Bird

A little bird who stopped by on the way to warm country, said “My flock has all flown south, but I’m going west to be in pictures!”

“I’ve  just the gown for you!” said I, & flitted closet-ward.

Melissa of About Face Beauti, well equipped for blue jays, set to work preparing nests in Chelsea’s feather hair. Immediately, flocks of kindred came to settle there!

Finally, it was time to show the aerial world it’s newest star! Molly of MVK Photo snapped the shots for the portfolio.

Our newly embellished bird alit & sailed on western wind, a cobalt star in the gray winter sky!

Photography- MVK Photo

Blue Jay – Chelsea Alexander

Makeup/hair – About Face Beauti

Dress – Empress Mess