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MEAT & Greet
2011/01/24, 9:20 PM
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Models dress sexy, photogs dress “cool”. But what does a wardrobe stylist wear to a Model Mayhem meet & greet?

MEAT, of course!


Photos by Michal Corbin


Little Black Dress
2011/01/19, 9:33 PM
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Photo of Katlin Sumners by East Photography

The LBD is the key when there’s a need for simple, classic, & refined. My version happens to be none of those things.. That doesn’t mean its’ not my go-to ‘drobe piece! I’ve put this dress on model after model, in true LBD style it fits any occasion!

Strapless. Boned. Geometric. Black & charcoal stripes. Below is an archive of all the lovely ladies who’ve donned my most-loved fashion staple:

J Mayhem

Photo by Sandy Jones

Nori Zay

Photo by Sean Baker

Stephanie Grant

Photo by Kollin Bliss

Amara Von Nacht!

Photo Dayjavue Photography

And to prove that this really is my personal LBD, check out our debut Youtube appearance! In a Tim Burton inspired scene for the Hoff Theater training video, I play a love-struck employee who eventually gets covered in popcorn (my idea)!

My scene starts around minute 4..

Haha! I actually supplied all the outfits for this video, including the bear head – another one of my every-day wardrobe staples!


Q&A ~ Imp the Elf
2010/12/27, 9:46 PM
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Introducing a new & exciting feature to the Costume Blog ~ character Q & A! Our very first interviewee hails all the way from the North Pole! Introducing Imp the Elf, an actual worker elf from Santa’s workshop!

MD: Hello Imp!

IE: Well hello to you!

MD: How was your flight? Did you take the Reindeer sleigh?

IE: (giggles) Oh no! The reindeer only fly on Christmas eve, between the hours of 11pm-4am. Then their energy is tapped out till next year! Kindof like us elves.

MD: So you don’t think an eleven month vacation is a bit longer than necessary?

IE: Not at the rate Santa works us!

MD: What do the Christmas elves do in the off-season? You’re not the same elves that make shoes are you?

IE: Some of us, maybe (more giggling)! I try not to pry into my fellow elves personal lives!  I spend my free time painting children’s noses red while they sleep, so when their mothers come to wake them for school they’ll believe they’re too sick & won’t make them go!

MD: Doesn’t that interfere with their education?

IE: I just try to make the world a better place every day!

MD: What do elves eat at the North Pole?

IE: Snow Cream!

MD: Do you have a large toy collection of your own?

IE: Not very big. But I do have a Nutcracker boyfriend that’s just my size! (explosive giggling)

MD: Ha! Sounds like a fine life! Any advise for those interested in running away to the North Pole to pursue such a profession?

IE: Yes! While toy-making, always wear comfortable shoes!

2010/11/03, 5:32 PM
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Smurfette, originally uploaded by Messy Empress.

I was all set to go as Strawberry Shortcake, since I’ve been watching the old cartoons on Youtube all month & I’m way into her bomb mob-cap ..

.. BUT ..

.. I’d just given myself a smurf-blue manicure, which was too pretty to change up, so I  decided to go all the way & be my most favourite toon girl : Smurfette !

Yep ! I blue myself !


Hope everyone had a Smurfy Halloween !

Market Faire ~ Fall
2010/10/20, 4:01 PM
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I went dressed as a refined lady-type for this season’s Market celebration! As such, I refrained from certain “rustic” activities which may have been enjoyed at Faires prior.

I certainly avoided a spin on the rope swing ( a lady never flashes her panniers) ..

And I’m pleased to say I even had the will to pass on my turn during the annual “bobbing for plague rats”!

It ain’t easy being fancy!

2010/09/23, 5:13 PM
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No Maya, we’re not talking about you … I’m referring to the brave Messydress soldiers lost on my trip home from Burning Man.

Soldiers, like my mauve trompin’ dress ….

..& these handmade swimming bloomers 😦

I’ll remember you fondly, koi patterned tie-dye stockings..

..& vintage robot shirt from the 80’s (ignore what all is going on here)

I think the fallen comrade I’ll miss most (yes, even more than you, floral I’m Your Present suspender skirt ).. my dear orange wig!

😦 😦 😦

As for ensembles, the March Hare was lost .. was this whole outfit here (ignore again, if you will, what this photo shows me doing)

Many, many more were lost in this stupendous tragedy, which will go down in the anus of history as the great Reno ‘Drobe Heist of 2010.

You are gone, but not forgotten.

Spring Evocations

I haven’t been myself as of late! Is it the effects of my newly sown herb garden? Witchcraft or no, somehow the spring sprites have found a means to possess my being!

Take this one for instance ..

Having fashioned a floral crown from stems & bird’s nests to befit her majesty, this forest pixie proceeded to spirit my vessel straight to Faerie Fest for a May Day frolic! Needless to say, the flesh was willing


Scarcely had I shed my dove-feather wings when I was whisked into the woods once again – this time at the mercy of an 18th century milk-maiden! She had much goose down to collect & tallow-wax candles to dip at Market Faire before her restless colonial soul could be set free!

Should I call an exorcist, or a tailor? Goodness knows what costume my next visitant may need!